Our Ministry for Middle School Students


6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

The Summit

What is Navigate?

Helping middle school students navigate their faith and their life.

Helping middle school students

navigate their faith and their life.

Navigate is our environment for middle schoolers.

On Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm, middle schoolers gather with their friends for fun, worship, practical teaching and small group conversation guided by our adult small group leaders who care about them.


6:15 PM

Hang Out

6:30 PM

Welcome and Announcements

6:40 PM

Mixer and Impossible Shot

6:50 PM

Game Time

7:20 PM


7:30 PM


7:45 PM

Small Groups

8:30 PM


Parent Resources

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Where does Navigate meet?

We meet in a building on the farthest southwest corner of our campus called The Summit. It is directly next door to Whiteaker Middle School on our gravel parking lot. There should be ample signage to help direct you to The Summit.

Should I walk in with my student or just drop them off?

You are welcome to walk in with your student, but you certainly don’t have to! When students arrive, leaders will greet them and make sure they know where to go.

What happens at Navigate?

Most Sunday nights at Connect start with a large group gathering for some fun, worship, and practical teaching. Then students meet with their small group to talk about the message and build relationships with one another.

When and where do I pick up my student after Navigate?

Small group time usually wraps up around 8:30 p.m., and you can pick up your student in The Summit, or we send them out to find your vehicle in the parking lot.

Will my student be put into a small group? How are the groups organized?

Our groups are divided by gender with each group consisting of ideally two small group leaders.

How do you choose Navigate small group leaders?

We are SUPER picky about who we invite to lead students. Potential leaders fill out an application, go through an interview process, and submit to a background check. Once leaders are chosen, we provide training so they are prepared and equipped to lead students. We ask leaders to commit to stay with their group for one year, although all our small group leaders have been with us for years.

How can I stay in the know about upcoming dates and events?

The best way to keep up with what's happening at Connect is to head over to our parent resources page and sign up for our email resources and join our texting service.



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